Jamie Cohen - Best motivation speaker

About Jamie

Unconventional ways to solve your company’s revenue growth challenges

Jamie is a leadership and performance expert, keynote speaker, certified handwriting analyst and graphotherapist. He delivers keynotes, training and online learning that blends interaction and actionable content designed to take a team’s results from acceptable to exceptional. His curriculum emphasizes emerging trends in leadership, performance, employee engagement and corporate culture for leaders and teams.

He specifically focuses on how every team member can practice effective leadership principles in their daily performances to effectively identify and improve self-awareness about their job-related weaknesses and strengths.

Handwriting analysis gave Cohen, a shy, twelve-year-old boy who was afraid of speaking in front of others the realization that he could express himself with words and that he had dreams to do it one day. From that day on, Cohen developed a passion for learning how a person's writing could reveal what makes them truly exceptional. He is known for speed analysis, in which he provides an instant performance strengths and blind-spots analysis of audience members.

He has delivered keynotes and workshops for organizations such as: Sun Life Financial, TEDx, YummyMummyClub.ca, The Terry Fox Foundation, Rigor, Cypress-Fairbanks Relevance, & Relationships Leadership Conference, Canadian Public Relations Society, Hospitality Human Resource Professional Association, Discover Your Personal Brand Seminar and The Toronto District School Board.

His TEDx talk on spotting leadership traits in handwriting has been viewed over 1.3 million times. Jamie has appeared as a resident expert on The Social, and has been featured on Forbes.com, TED.com, GrowMyRevenue podcast and Professionally Speaking magazine.  He is the winner of the TED-HUFFINGTON POST International teaching award and recipient of a business public speaking award by Dale Carnegie Training.  In former lives, he learned how to lead diverse teams as Director, Student Activities in one of Canada’s largest independent schools, how to contribute to high performance teams in his work in comedy TV at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE with Executive Producer, Lorne Michaels, and how to build diverse teams as a national TV commercial director.

Performance and Engagements for Leaders and Teams