Jamie Cohen - Best motivation speaker

About Jamie

Jamie Mason Cohen helps detectives profile dangerous criminals, shows you whether or not the person who you’re dating is someone you can trust, can look at any person’s handwritten signature and instantly tell them something inspiring about themselves that will make them say, “wow” and reveals fascinating things about today’s celebrities and newsmakers that they don’t even share with their closest friends.

He is a certified handwriting analyst, graphotherapist, a TEDx speaker, “How to Spot a Leader in their Handwriting”, and a #1 Amazon best-selling author who once worked for Saturday Night Live in New York.

He works with people to identify their fear of rejection, why when they look in the mirror they only see their faults, not their many strengths or why they feel that they have to be perfect in all areas of their life to fully accept themselves. He teaches women and men how to change these traits through their handwriting. He has shown small business owners and entrepreneurs how to pick the right people for their organization, helped parents build up their teenagers’ self-worth so that their daughter or son won’t be home alone on a Saturday night, and demonstrated to teachers how to develop empathy for their most challenging students.

He lives in Toronto with his wife, Karen and their two children

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