Other services offered by Jamie Cohen

other services by jamie Cohen


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To Begin Learning Handwriting Analysis, Have Your Handwriting Analyzed, or Request Other Professional Handwriting Analysis Services….

I specialize In:

  • Boosting Teen’s Self-Esteem
  • Parent/Teen Seminars and Retreats
  • School Board Workshops
  • Corporate Seminars


I am Authorized to Train & Sell You the Following Programs:

  • Handwriting Analysis Leve 101 Seminar or Mentoring
  • Handwriting Analysis Level 201
  • Certification Level Course
  • Success Coaching
  • Grapho-Therapy


Are You Looking for A Certified Handwriting Analyst or Trainer?

Jamie Mason Cohen is a Certified Handwriting Analyst, who has been trained and certified through the Handwriting University International Curriculum.

Jamie Mason Cohen has the full approval and is authorized to train, mentor, consult, as well as sell and deliver the core curriculum of Handwriting University programs. There is only one select authorized reseller and authorized Mentor in Canada.

Jamie teaches online, personalized courses, local classes and supports students worldwide via Skype and telephone tutoring. He can even get you enrolled in the Certification Home Study Course. Plus, if you purchase the course from Jamie, you will get the same course as Handwriting University sells and personalized mentoring throughout your education. Once complete, you can take your final exam, and you can become certified through Handwriting University USA.

Call Jamie today to get your handwriting analyzed, take an online or local course, enroll into the Basic (101) or Certification (301) Course.

Plus, if you have never had your handwriting analyzed by a professional, you will want to hire Jamie for a comprehensive analysis of yourself, your spouse, and your employees.



Jamie Mason Cohen is a member of the Handwriting University Faculty and Graduate. He is a TED Speaker on leadership traits in handwriting analysis, an award-winning high school teacher and only Canadian recipient of the Huffington Post-TED International Teaching Prize, “The Sole Challenge.” He is the Founder of the SOLE Leadership Weekend Retreat for Parents and Teenagers, Author of the upcoming book, “Handwriting Analysis for Teachers”, Creator of the “3-Minute Self-Esteem Test for Kids” and the “Boost Your Teen’s Self-Esteem: The 3 E System Online Course.” He offers online courses, live classes, consultations, and specializes in helping open-minded parents boost their teenaged son or daughter’s self-esteem, improve their confidence in any social situation and elevate their marks.

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