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Results of hiring Jamie as a speaker

Why Hire Jamie as a Keynote for Your Next Event

Financial benefits:  Exceeding sales targets by identifying why a person is complacent in their performance and procrastinating on follow-up calls with leads

Emotional benefits: Don’t feel so anxious that you’ve tried all these other approaches you’re your teams’ performance is still not getting better

Physical benefits: Emotional acceptance that you have a reliable way of understanding your blind spots and strengths

Spiritual benefits:  Peace of mind, finding more purpose and meaning in your day-to-day work and connected to vision of company

  • He helps leaders and teams identify their weaknesses and strengths inside organizations so that they can create immediate change and substantial results.
  • He is a recognized authority on performance and leadership development, and employee engagement and creates customized content and experiences to create a program that is perfectly aligned with your business’s values.
  • Jamie’s audience is actively engaged and learning about themselves in the workplace throughout the process of self-analysis which optimizes productivity.
  • Jamie’s unique principles create better engagement and builds tangible stronger internal operational teams.
  • Jamie packs his keynotes with tactics, strategies and a framework that delivers practical next steps your audience will remember and be motivated to apply immediately.
  • Jamie takes teams that are complacent to an experience of “being alive.”
  • Jamie raises the collective energy and consciousness of your entire team.
  • Jamie helps shift team members from self to service, which will bring immeasurable amounts of job fulfillment and purpose in their roles and have a positive infectious effect on co-workers.

What your Businesses can expect from me

  • Identify and resolve weaknesses to create immediate change
  • Predict strengths and weaknesses through their handwriting
  • You will have a clear picture of your signature leadership performance traits
  • Develop a lasting culture shift in your organization
  • Validate individual potential for leaders and teams
  • Precisely assess who the right contributors on your team are
  • Your teams will embrace a follow-up process
  • Create more consistent measurable sales performance goals
  • Employees will do more detail oriented work creating higher performance standards for themselves


  • Low and inconsistent employee engagement
  • Effectively manage employee complacency
  • Initiate processes that will keep your best talent to reduce turnover
  • Hire the right people with superior qualities that save time and money
  • Sales teams will implement client follow-up procedures
  • Motivating teams teaching them how to overcome challenges
  • Establish metrics to measure individual’s performance
  • Lack of effective communication between leaders and their teams to increase performance

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Identifying and Resolving Weaknesses and Improving Overall Team Performance

"Your episode, "What Your Handwriting Says About Your Leadership Style was one of my favourite episodes. My audience is loving it. You are absolutely brilliant. "  

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