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Jamie Mason Cohen is a TEDx Speaker, a #1 Amazon bestselling author, certified handwriting analyst and winner of a Huff Post international teaching award. He is known for the results he provides in helping audience members gain instant insights into their success and leadership traits as well as potential clients through the science of handwriting analysis.

He has been featured in TED.com,Professionally Speaking magazine, Genius.com, Huffington Post, Jr.ECTV and many other media outlets.


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Discover Your Personal Brand Seminar

TUNI Talks TEDx (in Luxembourg)

TED Education in New Orleans

Saturday Night Live

Broadway Video Productions

Rogers TV

Canadian Public Relations Society

SOLE Student Leadership Seminar

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Jamie Mason Cohen - Top motivational speaker
Jamie Mason Cohen - Top motivational speaker

When we use certain self-assessment tools to try to identify those next steps, we have assumptions and biases around them.  

These biases and information overload renders many of the good performance assessments and tools to be ineffective in getting the results you want to achieve.

Handwriting analysis offers that fresh insight to help your team see themselves in a way that they don't expect to, based on all the other tools that they've used.

It's that perspective shift that's both disruptive surprising and highly informative because it's a fully different approach than what you've done before.

When you have new ways of thinking, you need new ways of thinking to solve the level of problems that you're experiencing.

The same old approach is not going to work.

That's why using the tool and the mechanism of handwriting along with other fresh thinking and approaches will shift the mental pathways of your audience so that they see themselves in a totally different way - both their strengths and their blind spots and can identify those next actions.

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