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Top motivational speakers

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Top Motivational Speaker - Jamie Mason Cohen

Jamie Mason Cohen is a TEDx Speaker, a #1 Amazon bestselling author, certified handwriting analyst and winner of a Huff Post international teaching award. He is known for the results he provides in helping audience members gain instant insights into their success and leadership traits as well as potential clients through the science of handwriting analysis.

He has been featured in TED.com,Professionally Speaking magazine, Genius.com, Huffington Post, Jr.ECTV and many other media outlets.


Past Audiences

Discover Your Personal Brand Seminar

TUNI Talks TEDx (in Luxembourg)

TED Education in New Orleans

Saturday Night Live

Broadway Video Productions

Rogers TV

Canadian Public Relations Society

SOLE Student Leadership Seminar

Thinking of Hiring a Top Motivational Speaker?

Jamie Mason Cohen - Top motivational speaker
Jamie Mason Cohen - Top motivational speaker

Anyone thinking about hiring a Top motivational speaker must make sure that the person they are hiring is engaging and entertaining. Whatever the event, conferences, corporate presentations or awards and workshops need a keynote speaker who can add humor, create the right mood and get the main point across to the audience in a way that is entertaining and attention grabbing.

What’s more, a Top Motivational Speaker with their own specialist angle that establishes them as an authority in their field. This is the hallmark of a great speaker and often the reason why they entered the speaking arena in the first place – they have a message to share that’s quite unique to them. This could be a life-changing experience, a record-breaking achievement or a specialization that they are passionate about and deliver in a way that inspires others and informs. We know that Jamie is the perfect speaker for your event. Below is a checklist to help you make a decision.


Here’s a checklist of the 5 things to look for:

1. The ability to customize their presentation to meet your organization’s goals.

A great speaker understands that there are specific goals to meet within every presentation. Motivation is a broad criterion - so it’s important that the speaker understands the finer details and aims of their role. A great speaker will have the ability to interpret the brief quickly and navigate the subject with storytelling, anecdotes and humor. Keeping your audience happy and engaged is the sign of a great speaker. Choosing the wrong one can make or break your event.

2. Meeting the company’s needs is all about making contact we each individual

A great motivational speaker is not a magician unless that’s their specific niche. Don’t expect them to understand your company culture without giving them some direction and support. Even though a great speaker will do their own research into your organization’s culture and history, they will also need some help to get a handle on where you are now and your main reason for hiring them. This will enable them to connect with the audience in a way that makes each of them feel as though they are being addressed individually. Building rapport and trust with the audience is essential, especially when the main goal is to encourage a healthy and dynamic workforce that works together harmoniously.

3. A proven track record speaks volumes

When selecting a top motivational speaker for your event it’s important that you don’t take too many risks. Selecting someone with no track record, no testimonials from recognized sources and no public presence can often end badly. Check out their credentials online first, do your homework and see what others are saying about their performance. Choosing a well-known name or someone with associations and strong links to mainstream media is sure way of instilling trust and enthusiasm in your audience too. Hiring an unknown or someone who is just starting out can have its repercussions. Do some due diligence, ask for referrals and speak with them on the phone to gain a better feel for their ability and expertise. Out of the 5 points outlined, this is the most important one of all to guarantee a successful engagement.

Another important element to this is what the audience takes away from the event. A speaker that has a lasting impact and stays ‘top of mind’ is crucial towards meeting your long term goals. Handouts are also a great way to reinforce the overall message and act as a solid reminder of the event. Ask the speaker for photographs and a written contribution, and if this is possible - get your own team involved in producing a physical program or handbook.

4. Seek out their sample videos and footage online

A Top speaker should have a show reel to demonstrate their different presentation styles and showcase their experience as a seasoned speaker. Don’t focus too much on the polished quality of the video itself. These often ‘on the fly’ productions are perfect for gauging the quality of the speakers’ delivery, audience engagement and most importantly, gives you a better idea of who they have worked for in the past. This allows you to make better judgments about their expertise, compatibility with your event and overall style. As well as checking out the videos on their website, do some searches on YouTube to watch any independent reviews or live footage. If you can’t find any videos online and the only footage is their own polished show reel – it begs the question, do they really have what it takes to be a top motivational speaker for your event?

5. Look for passion and purpose for their craft.

No-one will be enthusiastic to sit through a presentation that lacks energy and passion. A Top Motivational speaker is passionate and purposeful and exudes a spirited energy that become contagious within minutes of them starting to speak. They must have the ability to command the audience’s attention in order to guarantee the overall message lands firmly. A top motivational speaker will not preach or bore or bully the audience in any way. Their delivery will be measured and precise and leave you feeling confident that you made the right choice in hiring them.

 If you’re looking to hire a motivational speaker for your corporate event, workshop or convention, the first step is to define your goals for the event crystal clear, to yourself and to the speaker you eventually hire.

 Jamie Mason Cohen is a Motivational speaker and is available for all types of events. Use the contact form here to connect with Jamie and add some details about your event and dates. Jamie will get in touch with you personally to discuss your needs shortly.



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