The Benefits of Doing Less, According to Wellness Speaker in Canada

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By Resilience Speaker and Virtual Meetings Facilitator, Jamie Mason Cohen

If you don’t come out of this pandemic with:
A new skill
A new income
A new expertise

What I suspect is, like me: You’re probably emerging from this time with a new appreciation of what truly matters,

a grateful perspective of the significant people in your life, a few bad habits broken,
a few new ones created,
a time to slow down from hustling and be present to reflect,
a minimalist lifestyle in using more of what you need and decluttering what you don’t,

and revisiting places in your living space you might have neglected for years,
and that’s enough.

New skills, new incomes and new expertise are wonderful things, but if the pandemic taught us one thing it’s that, if you’re not enough without those things, you’ll never be enough with them. (to paraphrase a line from the film, ‘Cool Runnings’).