Problems Jamie Can Help Solve

The solutions to your current problems can't be solved with your team's current level of awareness.

Organizations and associations work with Jamie Mason Cohen when they want to co-create effective leadership strategies that result in substantial growth in their business performance.

As a leadership and performance keynote speaker who facilitates discovery, Jamie helps teams personalize their approach to leadership development to create outcomes that matter most.

Your unique competitive advantage is your uniqueness.

Is the timing right to grow and scale the leadership capacity of your organization?

You can connect with Jamie if you are interested to know more about how he can help you and your organization or association.


  • Struggling with accelerated progress toward near-term organizational goals
  • Difficulty identifying and mitigating tendencies that hinder effectiveness
  • Relational barriers that exist between team members
  • Not having a clear picture of your signature leadership performance traits
  • How to scale leadership capacity and capability in your organization to create meaningful outcomes
  • How to navigate sudden organizational change
  • Not having a reliable. contemporary process to accurately and quickly assess potential leaders

Who's not a good fit?

For many, though not all, Jamie is the right option for dramatically stepping up your team’s leadership effectiveness. But, there are a few factors which may result in a collaboration not being an ideal fit. Jamie will do everything in his power to present a viable co-created solution for your organization’s particular problem but if it’s not a match, he will recommend someone else who is.

Some mismatches that might be a sign of a bad fit include:

  • If you think that your team does not need to identify their weaknesses and strengths to gain a new level of awareness
  • If you don’t believe your team requires real and applicable, data-informed leadership strategies to grow
  • If it’s not a priority to better understand how your people view your current leadership culture compared to the optimal culture that you desire
  • If your team consistently speaks what’s on their mind about perceived problems at every meeting  in a way that elevates the team, not demeans it


Get in contact with Jamie if you want to learn more about how Jamie can help you and your organization or association.

“At our event, Jamie’s keynote was perfectly aligned with our visions and goals. I would definitely recommend him for any corporate event. Every time we’ve had Jamie speak at our events there have been sold-out crowds and people will not let him go home because they’re so engaged.”

Jenny Shin
Event Organizer, Canadian Public Relations Society

"When we take a balanced approach that evolves both consciousness and competence, we strengthen our efforts to develop leadership effectiveness."

Jamie Mason Cohen on Co-Created Leadership