Resilience Speaker from Toronto Shows The Role Optimism Plays in LeBron’s Resilient Spirit

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By Resilience Speaker, Jamie Mason Cohen

The elevated height placement of Lebron’s jersey number above his signature to the right of the page, plus the upwardly written stroke formation of the number itself, may demonstrate that his drive for excellence has not yet subsided.

The handwriting analysis traits in his jersey number reflect an optimistic spirit, in which he pushes himself to new levels as a player.

He’s clearly shooting for the stars in the upward leaning, right corner placement of his journey number over his name. He seems to possess an unwavering belief in his own self-sufficient abilities to raise his team to extraordinary heights.

On the other hand, his emotional energy may drop at times as the pen stroke shows some inconsistently in pressure and flashes of tiredness.

His intensity of energy level is exceptionally high but it shows he is human and will need increasingly more rest for him to maintain this level of vitality and physical drive.

The ample lower loops plus some rigid entry or initial strokes in the capital “J” combine to show that certain moments in his past may be fuel to fire him up.

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