Leadership & Performance Expert and Keynote Speaker

Jamie Mason Cohen did a great job leading a team building Lunch & Learn for my agency’s AGM. Everyone loved your talk! 100 percent!

Erica Ehm, Creator and Publisher of YummyMummyClub.ca, Canada’s largest independently owned online property in Canada

The feedback from your keynote at our event was very, very high!

Sun Life Financial Sales Congress Organizer, Keevin Loucks

I was surprised by how spot-on Jamie’s analysis was. I was blown away by how much Jamie could tell about my personality and behaviour from two sentences handwritten on a piece of paper. It was impressive and a bit frightening.


The professionals in the audience loved what Jamie had to say. So much so that after his talk there was a long line of people who wanted to open up to him and have him analyze their signature, too. And what’s more, Jamie stayed till he spoke to the very last person.

Kurt Vermont, TUNI Talks Organizer

At the Canadian Public Relations Society Annual Membership Event, Jamie’s keynote was perfectly aligned with what our visions and goals were. I would definitely recommend him for any corporate event.

Jenny Shin, CPRS Organizer

You have been an example and subsequent role model to my speakers over the last two TEDx talks. You were professional in every way. Your expertise is great but you are set apart from others because of your generous spirit. You ensure that people hear the best, something they can aspire to continue being.

Dirk Daenen, Dean, United Business institutes and Organizer, TEDxLuxembourgCity

Jamie is absolutely brilliant. His episode on my show was one of favourites. My audience is loving it.

lan Altman, Forbes and lnc, Columnist, Sales Author and Host of Business Podcast, GrowMyRevenue podcast


I was completely blown away by this accuracy and his depth of study, the usefulness of the information. As a therapist whose training is in understanding people, I am gob smacked at what he pulled out of me from a paragraph that would take me many sessions of therapy with a client.

Alyson Schafer, Renowned parenting author

Your analysis was spot-on! I believe everyone should work with Jamie – from HR professionals evaluating candidates, C-level execs understanding a teams’ personality to business profs pinpointing their own strengths.

Raluca Tarcea, Marketing Manager

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