Jamie Mason Cohen is a business resilience speaker and fresh voice on helping your team adapt well to change through awe-inspiring virtual and in-person experiences.

He delivers engaging, entertaining and educational online keynotes and experiences customized to your team's needs.


"What I discovered is that in addition to the humor there is a ton of practical, cutting-edge tips on how to engage both young and adult learners. I found the tip lists and summaries extremely illuminating and there is a substantial section at the end with ton of useful resources for trainers and educators”

James Muir
Best-selling Author, The Perfect Close

Live from Your Class:

Everything I Learned About Teaching, I Learned from Working at Saturday Night Live Audio-book, Kindle or Paperback
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This practical and entertaining book shows teachers how they can specifically bring more humour into students’ lives because when they’re laughing, they’re learning. In Jamie Mason Cohen’s super, easy-to-read and entertaining style he applies the stories from his time at Saturday Night Live to his decade-long award-winning teaching career...


"I’ve seen and worked with a lot of speakers over the years and I don’t think any speaker will come to your meeting more prepared, more researched than Jamie and deliver the best message you have ever heard in a long time.”

Keevin Loucks
Regional Vice-President of Group Business, Sun Life

For any reader of the Kindle or paper-back version or listener of the LIVE FROM YOUR CLASS Audio-book, who wants to bounce ideas from the book and how it relates to your department, your school, or schoolboard, we extend the courtesy of a 20-minute Discovery Session.

It’s a simple, no-strings way to brainstorm ideas and get clarity on any number of the topics Jamie covered in LIVE FROM YOUR CLASS with specific questions related to using practical, engaging and modern tools to teach in virtual or in-person classrooms, help your staff lead through change, and to build strong relationships between school staff, students and parents.

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