Jamie Mason Cohen is a business resilience speaker and fresh voice on helping your team adapt well to change through awe-inspiring virtual experiences.
He delivers engaging, entertaining and educational online keynotes and experiences customized to your team's needs.


About Jamie

Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Graphotherapist who worked for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

Hi, I’m Jamie! I train business professionals to become more effective courageous and authentic communicators to improve culture.

In the process of working together, you will identify and nurture your strengths and discover the one big thing that makes the most dramatic change in your work life.

I entertain, inform, and guide individuals in how to co-create your own development, and how to participate in helping others do the same.

If you’re a CEO, Dean, Association Executive, a Dentist, a Senior VP or leader of an organization, who wants your team to become more courageous and authentic communicators to improve performance in an age of disruption, then what I offer may be a fit.

As a leader, it’s not easy engaging a multi-generational workforce with different personality types. People can be resistant to change. Self-care and self-reflection sometimes fall to the side in a VUCA work world. I lead with my methodology: Co-Created Leadership.


With Graphotherapy (as a certified handwriting analyst on CNN, Forbes + The Morning Show)

With Stories (inspired by my time working at Saturday Night Live and my life’s journey)

With Takeaways (that are actionable for your next meeting)

With Insights (as a certified trainer with The Leadership Circle and my research)

With Facilitated Discovery (as a recipient of a TED Education International Innovation Award)


I have delivered keynote talks, workshops and group training for organizations such as the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE Trillium), Sun Life, Celgene Bio-Pharma, TEC Canada, The Leadership Circle Summit, The Terry Fox Foundation, Assante, Niagara College, Hospitality Human Resource Professionals Association (HHRPA), the Canadian Public Relations Society and more.

I have given a TEDx talk on how to spot a leader in their handwriting that has been viewed 1.7 million times. I have appeared as a media commentator over 55 times over the past three years on topics ranging from leadership strategies, relationships, parenting, education, and celebrity handwriting analysis.

As Seen On:


I use a combination of customized resources to address your team’s priority problems and build on opportunities including: The Leadership Circle 360 methodology, my Saturday Night Leader Framework, the creation of a Values Board, a One Big Thing Action Plan and a Courageous Communication Checklist which all provide relevant, high-content that are immediately actionable.

The Leadership Circle and Leadership Culture Survey™

Jamie uses the pioneering techniques of the Leadership Circle, including the Leadership Culture Survey™ and the Leadership Circle Profile 360º Assessment.

The Leadership Circle is the most integrated leadership system in the world today. Based on the results of 50,000 plus leaders across multiple fields, its powerful and insightful tools help individuals, teams, and whole organizations clearly see where their leadership is now and how it needs to change. 


  •  Only Canadian recipient of a TED-HUFFINGTON POST International Teaching Innovation Award
  • Winner, Public Speaking Award, Dale Carnegie Training
  • #1 Amazon best-seller, LIVE FROM YOUR CLASS, Everything I Learned About Teaching, I Learned from Working at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE


"I’ve seen and worked with a lot of speakers over the years and I don’t think any speaker will come to your meeting more prepared, more researched than Jamie and deliver the best message you have ever heard in a long time.”

Keevin Loucks
Regional Vice-President of Group Business, Sun Life

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“I believe that culture change only occurs through real dialogue about what's working, what's not working and why. Highly conscious and competent leaders co-create the right kind of environment to facilitate an elevated level of personal and collective discovery.

Jamie Mason Cohen on Co-Created Leadership