The Value of Creating a Rejection Resume to Turn Crisis Into Opportunities According to Resilience Keynote Speaker from Toronto

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By Jamie Mason Cohen, Resilience Speaker

I’ve seen several inspiring posts about the accomplishments people have had over the past decade. I was tempted to do this, too, but paused.

It might benefit those reading these posts to include: a few-near misses, rejections, lay-offs, false starts, close calls, temporary failures, a heartbreak or two, and the loneliness of moving to a new city, along with the triumphs.

A little vulnerability tends to make me stop for a moment, ponder, relate and appreciate another’s path more, empathize and glean a lesson from it all.

There’s genuine value in showing the uncertainty along the way, a personal lesson, and then, only then, mentioning a win with a light touch.

My favourite podcast, Imagined Life, movingly tells stories about the challenges dotting the paths of success of highly accomplished people and ends with the name of the person whom the story profiles.

Our stories should live more in the muddy, rich layers, not just the top soil.

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