The Surprising Way to Build Determination Towards Making a New Habit Stick, According to Resilience Speaker

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By Jamie Mason Cohen, Resilience Speaker

Terry Fox ran 25 miles per day, and only cancer stopped him from running across Canada. He did it on a wooden leg. They don’t have the prosthetics they have today. He did it in extreme pain and through rain, sleet, and snow.

In handwriting analysis, determination is sometimes seen in a long straight line with greater than average pen pressure in the lower-case letters descending lines of the ‘y’s, ‘j’s’ and ‘g’s.

If you look at your own writing, look for a long line that gets stronger in terms of pressure. If there’s more ink at the bottom of that actual line, that might represent someone who, when the going gets tough, they get going on a whole other level. Their willpower and physical and emotional drive towards their mission increases.

What’s stopping us from building that level of determined focus towards our goals? BJ Fogg, a leading behavioural expert, focusing on habits at Stanford University says to take it easy on yourself. Don’t judge yourself so rashly because it’s not always about willpower or determination. that develops those habits that are instrumental in helping us build the type of life that we want in certain areas.

What Fogg suggests is to attach a new positive habit to a positive daily ritual we’re already doing. For example, do you brush your teeth every morning? Right after you brush your teeth, get out your book, and read for 10 minutes every time to connect the two.

What is something you could do right after dinner that would benefit your life? The takeaway is if you cultivate the kind of determination that relies more on connecting a new habit to one that you’re currently doing, it’s more effective than trying to conjure up the will power when you need it to make a change.

It’s the first productive step to moving forward in the direction of developing behaviours that serve you.

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