The Evolving Leader’s Mindset, from Leadership Keynote Speaker in Toronto

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By Jamie Mason Cohen, Resilience Speaker

It’s no longer an important skill in the fast-paced world we live in.

1. Take notes by hand. You’ll absorb more information, better grasp conceptual ides and leave a much better impression in a business meeting than if you have your phone out on the table.

2. Write personalized, handwritten thank-you letters. You’ll stand out, get noticed and people will remember you.

3. Handwriting will help you get things done by single-tasking. It may take longer to write a sentence than type it on a keyboard but you might be less distracted and more focused.

4. Writing down what you’re grateful for by hand may decrease anxiety and make you feel more at peace. It’s self-therapy.

Stanford University did a gratitude integration class in which first-year students wrote down what they were grateful for daily during a semester.


They then took a survey on how it impacted them. The results were: 27% reduction in anxiety + depression in areas of their life outside of class from doing gratitude exercises within the class.

5. When you’re preparing to give a sales presentation, write it out by hand. It helps absorb the information as opposed to just trying to memorize it and will give you the confidence of being more prepared.

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